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Who we are?

VIJAY TEXTILES is a trading firm established in the year 1976 by Mr. Lalitkumar Jain. Today, we cater to the need for exclusive Silk Fabrics by the Fashion and Furnishing Industry, enabling to produce Beautiful Apparels and Home Décor.

What we do?

We have always believed that not all talent exists under one roof, thus we source our products from different design and production houses who specialize in their core products. We stock a range and then sell to our customers. We can customize any Fabric as per requirement.

Whom we sell our products to?

We presently work with an interesting mix of clients from High End stand alone retail stores to fashion designers and Boutiques. The furnishing channel is presently through Architects & Interior Designers.

Where are we?

We are located in the Silk city i.e. Bengaluru, the manufacturing hub for silk fabrics which enables us for faster production, wider range, quality control and at the most reasonable prices.

What are our future plans?

For long we have been concentrating on Export Supplies and direct trade, with the growth of the Indian Economy and the International exposure to the Indian consumer, We Plan to satisfy their desire for Luxurious Silk Fabrics. Yes, RETAIL is Welcome.

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